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2009-05-10 02:19 am

Waving Muppet Arms

I have first post dithering. I've ranged through topics from morality in business to theories on time travel and a behavioural study on my cat herding me to bed. I expect I may have to think about this a bit more and focus this journal on a particular area I want to talk about. I suppose I'd like this journal to be less personal and more productive. Though I'm not sure whether that should be productivity in terms of getting my life sorted, some sort of career development, general philosophy, creativity, or just tips and hints and interesting stuff.

I've just started reading Alain De Botton's `The Pleasures and Sorrows of Work' which promises to explore `...what makes our jobs either fulfilling or soul-destroying' and to raise `...the big questions we all tend to ask of our work: What should I do with my life? How can I combine earning money with attaining fulfilment? What will I have achieved by the end of my career?'  

Being impatient for answers, I've already skipped to the end of the book and I don't particularly like what I find there. It seems to be all about work presenting a distraction, a focus for thoughts, a bubble to protect us from the greater worries of the world and the relentless march of time. Hmm... Maybe the journey through the book will reveal more insights. I do generally like Alain De Botton's work, so I cerainly hope that it holds more than the last few paragraphs would indicate. Perhaps the first lesson is this: I should be less impatient. ;P

I must admit I haven't really had so much of a career through my life as a wide variety of unconnected jobs. I've been planting seeds here and there and everywhere but only tending them sporadically. I'm too busy running back and forth to really make things grow. It's possible that I should stop waving muppet arms and consider all of the garden.